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FAVOR NETWORK is to provide high quality service and support at affordable prices. Below is a list of some of our features and qualities.
All our streaming packages come with free phone and email support. We are here to assist you with every aspect of streaming such as getting setup for your first broadcast, fine tuning your settings to maximize the quality of your broadcasts, assisting your webmaster with integrating your broadcasts onto your website, and much more. When you call technical support you are talking with the programmers, developers, and founders of Favor Network, we also have another level of support if can't be solved with 1st technician, We look forward to helping you with any aspect of streaming so please don't hesitate to contact us.
Our number one priority is to live stream the broadcast you send to us with extreme reliability and precision. We constantly monitor our streaming hardware and connections to ensure that we have plenty of available resources to ensure all your broadcasts are capable of having smooth, high quality audio and video. If you ever experience a technical issue, there may be a need to fine tune some of your settings, etc., so we encourage you to contact us to help you diagnose the situation so you achieve the best broadcasts possible.

The Favor Network platform supports both live broadcasts and on demand videos for Apple iOS as well as Android devices via HTML5 (including the latest devices that do not support Flash). The mobile device detection player system (Go Player and/or iFrame Embed) is included with all packages.
In addition to the traditional iFrame embed options that enable your viewers to watch your live and on-demand broadcasts on your own website.
Most churches already have almost everything they need to stream such as access to a computer, an Internet connection, and a video camera. The only other hardware needed is something to bring your video footage into your computer, and this can be accomplished with an inexpensive video capture device that connects your camera to one of your computer's USB ports. 
You are able to broadcast whenever you want and as often as you want. For example, you can broadcast three services on Sunday, a funeral on Tuesday, a Bible study on Wednesday night, a pageant on Saturday, and also an evening service on Saturday. System cannot be used as a church security system and left on 24 hours.
Favor Network is totally commercial and advertisement free, so you’ll never worry about your viewers seeing annoying or inappropriate messages during your worship services.